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Ijona Technologies, a renowned telecom software development partner for a decade, collaborates with industry leaders like T-Mobile, Orange, and Viber. Specializing in OSS, BSS, and personalized VoIP/IPTV software, we enable automated operations and introduce innovative customer offerings, providing robust solutions for telecom companies.

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    Telecommunications Software Development Company

    Crafting powerful solutions for telecommunications, Ijona Technologies stands as a trusted partner for industry giants like T-Mobile, Orange, and Viber. With a decade of expertise, we engineer cutting-edge OSS, BSS, and tailored VoIP/IPTV software, empowering telcos with seamless automation, efficient business operations, and innovative customer offerings. Seamlessly integrate telecommunication software with Cisco BroadSoft, WebEx, and Casa Systems. Elevate your communication infrastructure, ensuring scalability, reliability, and enhanced features for optimal business growth and performance.

    Telecommunication software integrations

    Unified Communication Transformation

    Unified Communication Transformation

    Integrate Cisco BroadSoft and WebEx to transform your legacy telecommunication voice platform into a scalable Unified Communication (UC) solution, enhancing your business capabilities.

    Next Gen Broadband Solutions 3

    Next-Gen Broadband Solutions

    Harness the power of Casa Systems’ innovative broadband network solutions, ensuring a future-proof infrastructure that unlocks the full potential of 5G and Open RAN technologies.

    Seamless Cloud Migration

    Seamless Cloud Migration

    Ensure a smooth transition by migrating your telecommunication applications to leading public cloud platforms such as AWS, GCP, and Azure, optimizing performance and accessibility.

    Our Telecommunications Software Development Services

    Empower your telecom operations with our expert Telecommunications Software Development Services. We optimize network performance, enhance customer experience, and streamline operations, delivering cutting-edge solutions tailored to your needs.

    Telecom Software Development

    Telecom Software Development

    Optimize network performance, enhance customer experience, and streamline operations with our comprehensive telecom software services. Our expertise spans self-care portals, CRM, payment systems, provisioning, inventory management, monitoring, observability, IN, IMS, IoT, VoIP, and roaming solutions.


    Digital Transformation of Telecom Services

    Transform legacy platforms from monolith to microservices architecture. Leverage custom telecom solutions to automate network lifecycle management, improve scalability, boost performance, and achieve cost-effective solutions.

    DevOps Approach and CICD Methodologies

    DevOps Approach and CI/CD Methodologies

    Embrace a DevOps mindset in telecom, enhancing operational agility and reducing maintenance costs through continuous integration (CI) and continuous deployment (CD) methodologies. Accelerate feature releases, automate software development, and detect errors earlier.

    Operations Support Systems OSS Development

    Operations Support Systems (OSS) Development

    Adopt open source or customized OSS solutions to replace legacy products, optimizing day-to-day telecom network operations. Monitor performance, diagnose issues, and troubleshoot problems instantly, reducing downtime and enhancing results.

    Business Support System BSS Development

    Business Support System (BSS) Development

    Drive the business side of telecom operations with customer-facing solutions. Efficiently manage customer bases, create and manage pricing plans, generate bills and invoices, process payments, and resolve customer queries or complaints with BSS.

    Cloud Native Network Functions Development

    Cloud Native Network Functions Development

    Migrate from legacy SS7-based TDM and IN systems to software-based SIP, IMS, and 5G network applications using Cloud Native architectures. Whether bespoke enterprise software or complete platforms, we design, develop, deploy, migrate, and support network applications.

    Machine Learning Training for the Telco Industry

    Machine Learning Training for the Telco Industry

    Harness the power of machine learning to monitor and optimize workflows, analyze photographic documentation of FTTH networks, or design an internal AI system to enhance organizational effectiveness. Benefit from online and offline machine learning model training.

    AI Insights

    Generative AI Implementation in Telco Solutions

    Automate sales services and complaint handling processes with ChatGPT or Auto-GPT. Implement generative AI solutions for predictive decision-making based on data breakdowns, elevating your company’s competitiveness.

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    Our Hiring Process

    Hire our dedicated teams for tailored telecom software development solutions, delivering industry-specific applications that enhance efficiency, boost productivity, and drive innovation in your business operations.


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    Minimum 1 month


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    Minimum 25 hours

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Telecom FAQ scaled

    Telecom software development involves creating applications and solutions to optimize network performance, improve customer experience, and streamline operations in the telecommunications industry.

    Telecommunication utilizes various software, including Unified Communication (UC) platforms like Cisco BroadSoft and WebEx, Casa Systems for broadband networks, and cloud-based solutions from AWS, GCP, and Azure.

    Telecom services encompass Unified Communication Transformation, leveraging broadband solutions for 5G and Open RAN, seamless migration to public clouds, and incorporating flexible telecom APIs to enhance existing business software solutions.

    Telecommunication software functions to optimize network operations, monitor performance, diagnose issues, provide customer-facing solutions, manage pricing plans, generate bills, process payments, and support cloud-native network functions for enhanced efficiency.

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