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Clients Worldwide
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    Hire Software Development Expert

    At Ijona Technologies, we boast a talented resource pool of expert software developer with hands-on experience across diverse industries. Hiring offshore developers from us grants you in-house-like control over the team, expediting development while reducing recruitment costs and time. Tap into our experienced pool of resources for dedicated engagements. For years, our dedicated software development team has delivered intuitive, engaging, and user-friendly solutions tailored to businesses of all types and sizes.

    3 Signs You Should Consider Hiring a Dedicated Team

    Discover when to opt for a dedicated team with these three key indicators. Ensure rapid growth, adaptability to uncertain projects, and long-term project success with expert support.

    Comprehensive Financial Solutions 2

    Early-Stage Startups

    For growing early-stage startups, a dedicated team offers rapid team building, cost savings, and accelerated product development while freeing up your in-house team for business-oriented tasks.

    Advanced Technology Solutions

    Projects With Unclear Requirements

    In the discovery stage of uncertain projects, a dedicated team provides flexibility and expertise through months of testing and interviews to refine your concept.

    Investment Software Development

    Long-Term Projects

    Complex, expanding projects benefit from a dedicated team’s consistent support and commitment, ensuring project success from start to finish.

    Our Dedicated Employee Engagement Solutions

    We at Ijona Technologies offer end-to-end employee engagement solutions to clients across diverse industries. With a dedicated team, we closely collaborate with you to deliver customized solutions that match your requirements. Hiring a dedicated offshore team through us allows you to significantly reduce development costs, accelerate development time, and gain greater control over the process.

    Investment Compliance Monitoring Software

    Dedicated Resource Hiring

    Select skilled resources matching your requirements from various engagement models for optimal results.

    team 1

    Offshore Dedicated Teams

    Save time and recruitment costs with aligned offshore teams, ensuring productivity and control over projects.

    Business Support System BSS Development

    Onsite Support

    Benefit from 24*7 technical support and onsite assistance for prompt resolution of technical issues.

    In depth Training and Support

    Consulting Services

    Our experienced consultants provide expert guidance on project feasibility, tasks, cost estimates, and technology selection.

    Operations Support Systems OSS Development

    Support & Maintenance

    Ensure glitch-free user experiences with our proactive support and maintenance services, optimizing IT solutions for maximum value.

    Multi Currency Support

    Cost-Effective Solutions

    With agile development and proven methodologies, we deliver robust IT solutions cost-effectively, offering flexibility to clients.

    Recognition, Awards, and Appreciation

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    app development companies
    Top mobile web app development company by Goodfirms

    Empowering Solutions: Our Technologies and Frameworks We Use

    At our forefront in web development services, we offer a dedicated team of adept custom web developers proficient in core technologies, ensuring tailored solutions for your project needs.

    Want To Know How You Can

    Save Up to 70% on Hiring Costs for Employees

    How Much Does It Cost to Hire an Employee? Save up to 70% on hiring costs for employees with us!

    • ✔ Project Delivery Commitment
    • ✔ In-house Developers: 200+
    • ✔ Value-Based Pricing Module
    • ✔ Cost-Effective Solutions


    Achieving Success with Our Exceptional Software Development Team

    At Ijona Technologies, our dedicated software development teams provide customized on-site or offshore support to meet your business needs. We prioritize transparent communication and close collaboration, ensuring your involvement throughout the development process when you choose our team. Your development team will offer:

    front end programming 1

    Front-end Engineers

    Responsible for developing the “visible” part of the project, these professionals are the ones who code and test the elements and functionality of the user interface.

    icons8 frontend 64

    Back-end Engineers

    These are the experts who take care of everything that happens behind the scenes. In other words, they focus on developing internal logic and background components.

    quality assurance

    QA Engineers

    These professionals are in charge of quality throughout the development life cycle. They ensure that the product is error-free and that the processes followed are of optimum quality.

    ux design

    UX / UI Designers

    They ensure that the user experience is intuitive, simple, and engaging. In addition to this, they must make sure that the interface is seamless and user-friendly.

    DevOps Approach and CICD Methodologies

    DevOps Engineers

    These professionals work with a team to improve coordination on development, operations, and testing efforts. This can involve everything from coordinating release schedules to tracking application performance.

    Business Insight

    Business Analysts

    They serve as bridges between the IT team and the business for evaluating processes, determining requirements, and offering suggestions and reports.


    Project Managers

    The development team leaders initiate, plan, design, execute and monitor the entire development process. Project managers also oversee other project members to ensure timely completion of their tasks.

    Virtual Travel Assistance

    Virtual CTO

    Our Virtual CTOs provide expert guidance and support for businesses in their technology strategy and decision-making processes. Our experienced professionals offer a cost-effective solution for companies looking to leverage the benefits of a CTO.

    AI Driven Fraud Detection

    Fraud Detection Team

    Specializing in fraud, cyber, and digital security, we utilize front-end and back-end engineers, QA professionals, UX/UI designers, and DevOps experts to ensure comprehensive protection against evolving threats.

    Hassle-Free Dedicated Hiring Resource Model for Business and Enterprise

    Experience a hassle-free dedicated hiring resource model for businesses and enterprises in the UAE and USA. Our flexible approach ensures seamless integration of dedicated resources tailored to your specific needs, offering unparalleled support and expertise to drive your projects forward with efficiency and excellence.


    Dedicated Team Model


    5 days/week


    Email, Phone, What's App

    Billing Structure


    Hiring Period

    Minimum 1 month


    Fixed Price Model


    5 days/week


    Email, Phone, What's App

    Billing Structure


    Hiring Period


    sand clock

    Hourly Model


    Starting from US$14/Hour


    Email, Phone, What's App

    Billing Structure

    Hourly-block based

    Hiring Period

    Minimum 25 hours

    Industries We Serve

    Since inception, we’ve delivered premier web design and development services customized for businesses of every scale. Our adept designers and developers keep pace with industry trends, crafting responsive, user-centric web applications for a wide array of global clients.

    Core Banking Solutions

    Finance & Banking

    Mobile Banking Software


    Mobile Healthcare Apps


    professional training 1

    Professional Services


    Transportation and Logistics



    oil pump

    Oil and Gas

    travel 1

    Travel and Hospitality

    Hire Resources Diverse Use Cases

    Unlock a diverse range of use cases with our resource hiring services. Whether it’s development, design, or beyond, we have the talent to meet your unique business needs. Hire now!

    pexels karolina grabowska 5632397


    Efficiently manage online stores with expert developers, enhancing user experience and boosting sales.

    pexels pixabay 256455

    Education Application

    Develop interactive and user-friendly educational apps to facilitate seamless learning experiences for students and educators.

    pexels pixabay 221247


    Build secure and compliant healthcare applications to streamline patient care, medical records management, and telemedicine services.

    pexels pipop kunachon 19734990


    Create engaging entertainment platforms with talented developers, offering rich multimedia content and immersive experiences.

    pexels dominika roseclay 1252500

    Travel & Tourism

    Develop innovative travel solutions for seamless bookings, itinerary management, and personalized travel experiences.

    pexels ella olsson 1640770

    Food & Beverage

    Craft dynamic platforms for the food industry, enabling online ordering, table reservations, and efficient inventory management.

    pexels david mcbee 730547

    Supply Chain

    Optimize supply chain operations with robust solutions, facilitating inventory tracking, logistics management, and real-time analytics.

    pexels andrea piacquadio 3796810


    Enhance guest experiences with customized hospitality solutions, offering seamless bookings, guest management, and personalized services.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Lending Software Development Services FAQ

    A dedicated team model involves assembling a group of specialists exclusively for a particular project or client, providing focused attention and expertise.

    The benefits of a dedicated team include enhanced collaboration, consistent resource availability, specialized skill sets, streamlined communication, and increased project flexibility and control.

    Being a dedicated team member entails committing to a specific project or client, prioritizing their needs, and working closely with colleagues to achieve shared goals and objectives.

    You can hire a dedicated development team by assessing your project requirements, researching reputable service providers, evaluating team qualifications and experience, and selecting a suitable engagement model for your needs.

    An offshore development center (ODC) is a dedicated facility located in another country that offers offshore software development services. To choose the right one, consider factors like expertise, communication, cultural compatibility, and cost-effectiveness.

    Hiring an agile software development team can provide businesses with the flexibility and efficiency needed for eCommerce web development services. PHP web development services offer cost-effective and scalable solutions for businesses looking to establish a strong online presence. Hiring Android developers can help businesses create innovative and user-friendly mobile applications, while hiring a web designer can enhance the visual appeal and functionality of websites.

    When you hire dedicated developers, it means they are solely focused on your project, providing specialized expertise and undivided attention. Hiring app developers involves bringing in professionals who specialize in creating applications for various platforms, ensuring your app meets the highest standards. Similarly, hiring web designers means engaging experts in creating visually appealing and user-friendly websites tailored to your needs. Click here to hire web designers from Ijona.

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