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Since 2010, Ijona Technologies leads with innovative IT solutions for professional services, digitizing delivery, and optimizing operations. Our offerings enhance productivity and provide a competitive edge by leveraging digital channels for customer acquisition and streamlined processes in project management and collaboration.

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    Business and IT Professional Services Provider Company

    Elevate your business with Ijona Technologies’ innovative IT solutions. Revolutionize your professional services through digitalization and streamlined operations, ensuring heightened productivity and a competitive edge in your industry. With a track record since 2008, Ijona Technologies specializes in enabling professional services firms to attract new clients through digital service channels and optimize internal processes, including project management and employee collaboration. Partner with us for a transformative journey in the realm of professional services IT solutions.

    Choose Your IT Services: Solution Consulting, Implementation, and Support

    Solution Consulting

    Solution Consulting

    Unlock expert insights on selecting tailored solutions, optimizing functionality, and minimizing implementation costs. Ensure seamless user adoption with our comprehensive consultation services.

    Implementation and Support 2

    Implementation and Support

    Embark on a journey of end-to-end solution implementation, backed by our committed after-launch support. Experience continuous solution maintenance and evolution, tailored to your evolving business needs.

    IT Outsourcing 1

    IT Outsourcing

    Leverage our IT outsourcing services to delegate specific tasks or entire projects to our skilled professionals. Benefit from cost-effective solutions, enhanced efficiency, and access to specialized expertise for your IT needs.

    Elevate your professional services efficiency with Ijona Technologies' streamlined IT solutions

    Explore IT outsourcing for professional services with a comprehensive suite of services, including business analysis, software development, QA, data analytics, IT support, managed infrastructure services, and help desk support. Elevate your business operations with our proficient IT outsourcing solutions.


    CRM Solutions

    Elevate client relations, streamline operations, and optimize workflows with our comprehensive CRM solutions tailored for your unique business needs.

    • Enhanced client relations
    • Streamlined operations
    • Optimized workflows
    • Tailored business solutions

    B2B Marketing

    B2B Marketing

    Boost brand awareness with our comprehensive B2B marketing solutions. Make a lasting impact by creating engaging content, generating leads across channels, and effectively managing customer journeys to drive meaningful results.

    • Elevate brand awareness
    • Craft compelling content
    • Implement omnichannel lead generation
    • Manage customer journeys



    Achieve success in sales with our service. We specialize in navigating long-cycle sales, excelling in consulting sales, and driving account development for optimal results.

    • Navigate long-cycle sales
    • Excel in consulting sales
    • Drive account development
    • Optimize sales performance

    Customer Portal

    Customer Portal

    Empower your customers with our user-friendly Customer Portal. Facilitate seamless access to information, personalized services, and efficient communication, enhancing overall satisfaction and engagement.

    • Offer a 360-degree customer view
    • Facilitate digital service delivery
    • Enable customer self-service
    • Utilize AI assistance
    • Access data for self-service analytics
    • Incorporate eLearning features


    Data Analytics Portal for Customer Insights

    Transform your data into actionable insights with our analytics portal. Ensure secure data upload, storage, augmentation, and visualization, leveraging machine learning and natural language processing.

    • Facilitate data upload (one-time and continuous)
    • Ensure secure storage
    • Implement data augmentation and enrichment
    • Leverage machine learning and NLP
    • Visualize data and gain insightful insights

    project management 1

    Project and HR Management Excellence

    Achieve project success and workforce efficiency with our Dynamics 365 and custom solutions. Manage project planning, task scheduling, resource allocation, and workforce utilization seamlessly.

    • Efficient project planning
    • Seamless task management and scheduling
    • Optimal resource allocation
    • Monitor progress effectively
    • Streamline workforce utilization management

    folder management

    Document Management Simplified

    Simplify document handling with SharePoint customizations. Enjoy features like intelligent search, co-editing, approval workflows, and secure document retention policies for seamless collaboration.

    • Utilize templates for various needs
    • Enable intelligent search capabilities
    • Collaborate seamlessly with co-editing features
    • Implement approval workflows
    • Adhere to document retention policies

    Electronic Data Management Systems

    Employee Database and Portal Efficiency

    Ensure a connected and engaged workforce with our employee database and portal. Access organizational charts, open positions, self-service options, and streamlined external workforce management for optimal efficiency.

    • Visualize the organizational chart
    • Manage open positions effectively
    • Facilitate employee self-service
    • Streamline scheduling processes
    • Manage external workforce efficiently

    big data

    Business Intelligence for Strategic Insights

    Unleash the power of Power BI, Tableau, and Azure/AWS solutions for finance, customer, performance, workforce, and operational analytics. Make informed decisions through advanced planning and forecasting capabilities.

    • Implement finance analytics
    • Utilize customer analytics
    • Monitor performance analytics
    • Gain insights into workforce analytics
    • Leverage operational analytics
    • Plan and forecast for future success

    Recognition, Awards, and Appreciation

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    Top mobile web app development company by Goodfirms

    Presenting Key Projects in Professional Services by Ijona Technologies

    Explore the versatile suite of professional services by Ijona Technologies, ranging from innovative search portals and robust BI implementations to tailored enterprise solutions, each designed for operational excellence and client satisfaction.

    Search Portal for a Consulting Company

    Search Portal for a Consulting Company

    Revolutionary SharePoint search portal centralizing unique content for seamless retrieval across devices—PCs, tablets, and mobiles.

    BI Implementation for Real Estate Developer

    BI Implementation for Real Estate Developer

    Ijona Technologies’s BI solution integrates diverse data sources, providing comprehensive financial analysis for informed business decisions.

    Enterprise Portal for Financial Advisory Firm

    Enterprise Portal for Financial Advisory Firm

    Tailored enterprise portal enhancing team collaboration, project management, and ensuring regulatory compliance for financial advisory excellence.

    Records Management System for Legal Firm

    Records Management System for Legal Firm

    Ijona Technologies delivers a SharePoint-based system, incorporating document profiling and calendaring, ensuring records immutability and efficient management.

    Customer Portal

    Customer Portal for Tax Consultation Agency

    Crafted customer portal seamlessly integrated with accounting, tax management, and payment systems, enhancing client access to tax information for improved satisfaction.

    Mobile Photo Management Software

    Mobile Photo Management Software

    Innovative Android-based photo-taking app for a service provider, streamlining image transfer for viewing, sending, printing, and purchasing through a proprietary web-based resource.

    SharePoint Portal for Lawyers

    SharePoint Portal for Lawyers

    Tailor-made solution enabling lawyers to create personal sub-portals for storing case studies, contracts, and notes, ensuring client-specific data access and preventing information leakage.

    B2B Marketing

    BI Implementation for B2B Management Consultancy

    Ijona Technologies develops a BI solution with a robust OLAP cube, enabling in-depth analysis of various industries under diverse economic conditions, empowering strategic development consultancy for clients.

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    IT Solutions for Professional Service

    Our Hiring Process

    Elevate your professional services with expert IT solutions. Choose Ijona Technologies for tailored consulting, implementation, and support, ensuring optimal functionality, cost-effectiveness, user adoption, and continuous maintenance and evolution.


    Dedicated Team Model


    5 days/week


    Skype, Email, Phone

    Billing Structure


    Hiring Period

    Minimum 1 month


    Fixed Price Model


    5 days/week


    Skype, Email, Phone

    Billing Structure


    Hiring Period


    sand clock

    Hourly Model


    Starting from US$14/Hour


    Skype, Email, Phone

    Billing Structure

    Hourly-block based

    Hiring Period

    Minimum 25 hours

    Technologies, Platform & Frameworks in Our Work

    Dive into the heart of our work at Ijona Technologies, where cutting-edge CRM, versatile platforms, and robust frameworks synergize to sculpt personalized solutions, fostering innovation and delivering unparalleled value.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    professional IT solutions FAQ

    Professional IT solutions encompass tailored technology services and strategies designed to meet specific business needs, optimize operations, and enhance overall efficiency and productivity.

    Professional services in the IT industry involve specialized expertise and solutions aimed at addressing unique business challenges, implementing technology effectively, and providing ongoing support for sustained success.

    An IT service solution refers to a comprehensive package of services, including consulting, implementation, support, and maintenance, tailored to address specific business requirements and ensure the optimal functioning of IT systems.

    The term “IT solutions and services” denotes a holistic approach to technology, encompassing both tailored solutions and ongoing support to address the diverse needs of businesses, promoting efficiency, innovation, and growth.

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