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    Digital Solutions for the Construction Industry

    Ijona Technologies specializes in providing IT Services for the Construction Industry, collaborating with engineering and construction (E&C) companies aiming to minimize equipment wear and tear while digitizing their workflows. Our approach involves re-platforming legacy back-office systems, utilizing drones for automated site inspections, and analyzing data collected from construction equipment sensors to proactively prevent downtime.

    Enhance Your Construction Business with Comprehensive IT Solutions

    IT Procurement Services 2

    IT Procurement Services

    Ensure high-quality equipment sourcing for optimal construction operations.

    Data Backup and Recovery

    Data Backup and Recovery

    Protect your files with reliable backup and recovery services for peace of mind.

    device management

    Device Management and IT Consulting

    Keep your team connected and gain expert insights for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

    Fostering Innovations: IT Services for Construction Companies

    Empower your construction projects with Ijona Technologies. We foster innovation through cutting-edge solutions, enhancing efficiency, collaboration, and quality in the construction industry.

    Supply Chain Management

    Streamline Supply Chain Management

    For streamlined construction projects involving various stakeholders, Ijona Technologies facilitates the transition of legacy IT systems to the cloud. We offer

    • Integrate DAM, BIM, etc
    • Re-platform legacy apps
    • Enable anytime, anywhere access
    • Implement blockchain-based contracts

    Equipment Performance

    Optimizing Equipment Performance

    To predict machinery issues and enhance fleet efficiency, Ijona Technologies augments construction vehicles with custom sensors. We transmit sensor data to the cloud for analysis using secure connectivity. Our services include:

    • Cloud Sensor Analytics Setup
    • Predictive Maintenance ML
    • Real-time IoT Data Interpretation

    Construction Site Inspections

    Construction Site Inspections

    Harness the power of drones for mapping and progress tracking. Ijona Technologies crafts a comprehensive software ecosystem, integrating computer vision, augmented reality, and dynamic reporting capabilities.

    • Vision: Video and Object Analysis
    • Augmented Reality: Image Labeling, 3D Visualization
    • Dynamic Reporting: AWS, Azure, Google Cloud

    factory 2

    Transforming Construction for a Greener Future

    Ijona Technologies leads the way in sustainable building practices. Elevate your projects with our expertise in:

    • Integrated infrastructure solutions
    • Building automation systems
    • Innovative construction technologies

    Empowering Digital Transformation in Construction Operations

    Drive construction industry evolution with Ijona Technologies. Our solutions empower digital transformation, optimizing operations for enhanced efficiency, collaboration, and project management excellence.


    Digital Transformation

    Revolutionize construction operations with Ijona Technologies’ innovative solutions, driving efficiency and collaboration through digital transformation initiatives.

    Workforce Engagement

    Workforce Engagement

    Lead the industry in digital workforce engagement with Augmented and Virtual Reality innovations, optimizing training and onboarding processes for a tech-savvy workforce.

    Site Safety Solutions

    Site Safety Solutions

    Ensure construction site safety with Ijona’s comprehensive safety solutions, leveraging wearable tech, advanced sensors, and monitoring systems to track worker activity and detect hazards proactively.

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    IT Solutions In Construction Companies

    Construction Technology Solutions and IT Services Hiring Process

    Explore advanced construction technology solutions and IT services for your projects. Hire Ijona Technologies to leverage innovative solutions tailored to your construction needs and enhance project efficiency.


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    5 days/week


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    Billing Structure


    Hiring Period

    Minimum 1 month


    Fixed Price Model


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    Hourly Model


    Starting from US$14/Hour


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    Hourly-block based

    Hiring Period

    Minimum 25 hours

    Frequently Asked Questions

    FAQ construction industry

    In the construction sector, various information technologies are employed, including Building Information Modeling (BIM), construction management software, drones for site surveying, and project collaboration tools.

    Advanced technologies in building construction encompass robotics, 3D printing for construction elements, Internet of Things (IoT) for smart building systems, and augmented reality for design visualization and project monitoring.

    The four main types of construction technology are:
    Building Information Modeling (BIM): Digital representation of the physical and functional characteristics of a building.
    Drones and UAVs: Unmanned aerial vehicles used for site surveying and monitoring.
    Augmented Reality (AR): Integrating digital information into the real-world construction environment.
    Construction Management Software: Digital tools for project planning, scheduling, and collaboration.

    Technology in construction management streamlines project planning, communication, and execution. It includes software for project scheduling, budgeting, collaboration platforms, and data analytics for informed decision-making.

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