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Megacount's Product Categories

rc usb

RC-USB Wireless Infrared Counter

RC-USB Wireless Infrared Counter

  • Battery-Powered Infrared People Counter
  • Accurate Bi-Directional Counting
  • USB & Battery Powered
  • FTP Data Export
  • 1-Year Warranty
3D counter outdoor

3D Stereo PRO

3D Stereo PRO

  • Accurate 3D People Counter
  • Ideal for Busy Retail Spaces
  • Head Detection, Shadow Discounting
  • Compact Design: 135m x 65m x 25m
  • Ethernet PoE Port, Screw Hole

RC-WiFi Wireless Infrared Counter

RC-WiFi Wireless Infrared Counter

  • People Counting via Radio Channel
  • Secure Encryption: WPA, WPA2, WEB64, WEB128
  • Dual Connectivity: Ethernet & Wi-Fi
  • Data Recovery Assurance
  • Easy Setup & Fast Installation
2D people counter

2D People Counter

2D People Counter

  • 95% Accurate 2D Counting
  • Shadow & Light Speck Filtering
  • Passerby Counting & Conversion
  • Dynamic Customer Route Heatmaps
  • Wi-Fi & Bluetooth Beacon Analytics
  • Global Shipping
mc eth

MC-ETH Wired Infrared Counter

MC-ETH Wired Infrared Counter

  • Blocks Count & Transmit People Data
  • Direct Data Transfer to FTP
  • Ensures Data Preservation
  • Network-Based Solution
  • Ideal for Stores & Chains
3D People Counter

3D People Counter

3D People Counter

  • Perfect accuracy, child count included
  • Multi-sensor gender recognition
  • Conversion of passers-by counts
  • Dynamic heatmaps reveal customer routes
  • Wi-Fi and Bluetooth analytics modules
  • Global shipping services included

Our Services

Maximize Foot Traffic Insights: Choose MegaCount for Precision Retail Analytics!

Looking for top-tier 3D people counters and analytical software? Look no further than Megacount, your trusted partner in the UAE and the Middle East. Ijona Technologies is proud to be the one and only top Megacount partner in the Middle East, offering cutting-edge technology ideal for retail industries in Kazakhstan, Central Asia, and beyond.


As a Megacount partner, Ijona Technologies offers a Range of Innovative Visitor Counting System Solutions, Including:

1. People Counting Device: Our advanced people counting devices provide accurate and reliable data to help you make informed business decisions. Whether you’re looking to optimize staffing levels or improve the customer experience, our devices have you covered.

2. Footfall Counting Camera: Monitor and analyze footfall traffic with ease using our state-of-the-art footfall counting cameras. Get real-time insights into customer behavior and traffic patterns to drive business growth.

3. Footfall Camera Price: Our footfall cameras are competitively priced, making them a cost-effective solution for businesses of all sizes. Plus, with our expert support team, you can rest assured knowing that help is always just a phone call away.

4. Experian Footfall Cameras: Partnering with Experian, a global leader in consumer and business data, we bring you the most reliable and accurate footfall cameras on the market. Benefit from industry-leading technology and unparalleled data accuracy.

5. Footfall 3D Camera: Experience the power of 3D technology with our footfall 3D cameras. Capture detailed insights into customer behavior and movement, allowing you to optimize your space for maximum efficiency and profitability.

With Megacount, you’ll not only get cutting-edge technology but also a reliable partner dedicated to your success. Contact us today to learn more about our people counting devices, cameras and how they can benefit your business in the UAE, Middle East.

Empowering Retail Insights: MegaCount's Global People Counting Solutions

MEGACOUNT, headquartered in Kazakhstan, is a global manufacturer of people counting devices, software, and systemic solutions for retail and shopping centres. Megacount is a group of professionals dedicated to finding the finest solution for customer traffic analysis, and we have built internationally recognised equipment of the highest quality and accuracy. Megacount tackles the most difficult customer counting problems and adjust our clients’ business processes to diverse external influences.

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