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Ijona Technologies unlocks the power of Xamarin with cost-effective development, creating high-performing cross-platform mobile apps tailored for your specific needs. Our experienced team ensures a native-like experience, efficient time-to-market, and seamless integration with Cloud, IoT, and other technology solutions. Following Microsoft’s best practices and staying updated with the latest technologies, we deliver exceptional Xamarin development aligned with industry standards. Trust Ijona for your cross-platform mobile app success.

Benefits of Xamarin App Development

Xamarin, an open-source platform, facilitates modern app creation for iOS, Android, and Windows.NET.
Leveraging Xamarin’s benefits, our development ensures

Support for Cloud Services

Xamarin seamlessly integrates with cloud services like Azure, enabling the creation of mobile apps that leverage cloud-based features.

Increased Code Sharing

Achieve significant time and cost savings with enhanced code sharing between platforms, simplifying overall app development management.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Xamarin’s use of C# as a cross-platform language ensures compatibility across various devices and platforms, saving time and costs.

Faster Development

Accelerate app development by reusing code across different platforms, resulting in a streamlined and efficient process.

Access to Native APIs

Xamarin provides access to a wide range of native APIs, empowering developers to incorporate platform-specific features for seamless user experiences.

Large Community Support

Benefit from Xamarin’s strong developer community, ensuring ongoing support and guidance, helping businesses avoid common pitfalls and mistakes. Trust Ijona Technologies for your Xamarin App Development journey.

Recognition, Awards, and Appreciation

Our Xamarin Mobile Application Development Services

With our extensive background in crafting solutions powered by Xamarin, we promise swift delivery and unparalleled quality consistently. Enlist the expertise of dedicated Xamarin App Developers who bring years of experience in creating enterprise-grade applications tailored to your precise business requirements.

Tailored Xamarin Application Development

Bring your unique business vision to life by hiring our expert Xamarin developers. We specialize in crafting custom Xamarin apps that precisely align with your specific needs.

Immersive AR/VR Xamarin Applications

Elevate your app experience with our dedicated Xamarin developers who excel in creating feature-rich AR/VR applications. Our apps stand out with their innovative features and functionalities.

Consulting for Hybrid Mobile Applications

Count on our team of experienced Xamarin consultants to guide you through all aspects of hybrid app development. From strategy to execution, we’ve got your hybrid app needs covered.

Seamless Xamarin Application Upgrade and Migration

Ensure a smooth transition and optimal performance for your mobile apps with our Xamarin app upgrade and migration services. We’re committed to delivering a seamless user experience.

Reliable Xamarin Application Maintenance

Keep your mobile apps running smoothly with our Xamarin app maintenance services. Our team is dedicated to addressing glitches promptly, ensuring your apps are always up and running.

Cutting-Edge Online Booking Applications

Experience the advantage with our specialized development of online booking apps. Our solutions come equipped with advanced functionalities to give you the competitive edge you desire.

Want To Know How You Can

Save Up To 70% In Xamarin Application Development Costs

Got a project in mind? Let us know what you need, and we’ll quickly put together the perfect development team for you!

Why Choose Ijona Technologies as Your Technology Partner?

At Ijona Technologies, we bring you comprehensive Xamarin mobile app development services that cater to a global clientele across various industry sectors. Our team comprises seasoned developers who stay updated on the latest technologies and trends, ensuring the delivery of standout solutions.
Following an agile development approach, we have established proven benchmarks to guarantee the quality of our solutions, no matter the project’s complexity. When you join forces with us, you have the flexibility to choose from a variety of value-based engagement models tailored to meet your specific requirements. Partner with Ijona Technologies for cutting-edge Xamarin app development that aligns seamlessly with your business goals.

Up to 70% Savings

On-Time Project Delivery

Strict NDA Adherence

Value-Based Engagement Models

Agile Development Approach

Dedicated .NET Experts Team

Easy, Quick Onboarding

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Hiring Process

At Ijona Technologies, our squad consists of experienced app developers, each certified and skilled in implementing an agile development approach to ensure projects are completed on time. Clients enjoy the freedom to choose from a range of engagement models focused on delivering value when they opt for the expertise of our mobile app developers.

Dedicated Team Model


5 days/week


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure


Hiring Period

Minimum 1 month

Fixed Price Model


5 days/week


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure


Hiring Period


Hourly Model


Starting from US$14/Hour


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure

Hourly-block based

Hiring Period

Minimum 25 hours

Xamarin Mobile Application Services for Diverse Use Cases

Ijona Technologies, a premier Xamarin development company in the USA, UAE & India, leverages advanced technologies to cater to diverse industry verticals. Our expertise spans across the following industry segments:

Retail and eCommerce

Develop feature-rich apps for seamless shopping experiences, engaging users with delightful interactions.

Travel and Tourism

Hire dedicated Xamarin developers to create innovative and immersive travel apps, expanding your reach and maximizing ROI.

Banking and Financial Sector

Partner with us to craft enterprise-grade banking and finance apps, enhancing business productivity and operational efficiency.

Education and eLearning

Create smart and future-proof eLearning apps, delivering an immersive learning experience for the modern digital user.


Our experienced Xamarin developers deliver HIPAA-compliant apps aligned with healthcare industry standards.

Media and Entertainment

Forge delightful experiences with interactive and immersive media & entertainment apps, gaining a competitive edge in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions

Consider expertise, reviews, and past projects to make an informed decision.

Costs vary; it depends on factors like experience and project complexity.

Yes, we offer the flexibility for you to select your preferred developer.

Yes, Xamarin is recognized as a leading cross-platform tool for app development.

India offers skilled developers at competitive rates, ensuring cost-effectiveness.

Yes, we provide app marketing services to enhance your app’s visibility and reach.

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