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Ijona Technologies stands out in the realm of OTT applications and platform development. Renowned for its expertise, the company empowers video creators and distributors with advanced tools, enabling the seamless delivery of high-quality content to captivate viewers.

Our End-to-End Best OTT App Development Services in UAE & India

Our OTT development teams at Ijona Technologies evaluate your requirements, propose an effective roadmap for application development, and recommend features to enhance the application. We provide comprehensive OTT development services, helping you explore leading OTT use cases, unlock business opportunities, and ensure maximum gains and ROI.

Custom OTT App Development

Explore our tailored OTT application development services designed for businesses of all sizes. We deliver reliable and digital OTT solutions to address specific industry needs.

OTT Software Consulting

As a leading OTT app development company, our consulting teams provide the latest technology advice, ensuring you deploy the optimal technology stack for your custom OTT application development requirements.

Real-time Video Streaming

Utilizing the latest DRM technologies such as Verimatrix and Widevine, we develop custom video streaming solutions, delivering an immersive streaming experience in real-time while reducing video streaming latency through transcoding functionality.

Dedicated OTT Development Teams

Enhance your development capabilities by expanding your existing team. Our dedicated OTT application development teams are experienced in various technologies, offering scalability, reduced time to market, and improved ROI.

Testing & QA Services

Ranked among the top OTT application development companies, we focus on comprehensive testing and quality assurance services. This includes manual, automated, performance, and security tests using modern OTT testing frameworks and technologies.

Video Conferencing Systems

As a top OTT application development firm, we craft custom web video conferencing and online meeting software/apps. Our solutions include session recording, browser-based applications, and online webinar management apps to ensure an enhanced ROI.

Recognition, Awards, and Appreciation

Famous Apps Built with React Native Solution

Explore the versatile world of React Native, a choice embraced by numerous apps, spanning Fortune 500 giants to emerging startups. Uncover its capabilities through the showcased apps below.


React Native significantly boosted performance for Facebook, making the Events Dashboard startup twice as fast and enhancing overall user experience.


Walmart achieved improved app performance on iOS and Android, sharing 96% of the codebase. This resulted in efficient resource utilization and a shorter development cycle.


Discord for iOS and Android benefited from React Native, with 98% common code, streamlining development cycles and showcasing minimal performance differences compared to native iOS apps.


Instagram leveraged React Native to split between 85% and 99% of the code for Android and iOS apps, enabling rapid development and a more efficient process than using native solutions.

Uber Eats

React Native empowered Uber Eats with development tools for a seamless UI and enhanced user experience, including sound and push notifications that added value to the app’s dashboard.


Bloomberg’s New York development team used React Native to reduce app development time by half for both iOS and Android platforms. This approach automated code refreshes, accelerating feature releases and avoiding repetitive tasks.

Robust OTT Development Technology and Dynamic Stack Support We Offer

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Choose Top OTT Software Outsourcing Company, Save Costs Up To 70%!

Transform your digital presence with our OTT software outsourcing services. Design and launch a visually stunning OTT platform for maximum impact.

Why Choose Top OTT Software Outsourcing Company?

From Startups to Enterprises, Product Companies to Governments, Ijona Technologies provides expert offshore programming services for global businesses, ensuring scalability, transformation, and a competitive edge.

NDA Compliance

24/7 Timezone Edge

Rapid Time-to-Market

Post-Launch Support

Device Compatibility

Diverse Engagement Models

Enterprise Android Apps

Play Store Optimization

Our Hiring Process

Hire dedicated Android app developers to create highly scalable, feature-packed, and robust applications that stand out. Choose from our range of value-based engagement models that best match your business requirements.

Dedicated Team Model


5 days/week


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure


Hiring Period

Minimum 1 month

Fixed Price Model


5 days/week


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure


Hiring Period


Hourly Model


Starting from US$14/Hour


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure

Hourly-block based

Hiring Period

Minimum 25 hours

Android Mobile App Services for Diverse Use Cases

Discover Our Comprehensive OTT App Development Services at Ijona Technologies. Tailored Solutions for All Industries:

Retail and eCommerce

Craft engaging shopping experiences with feature-rich retail and eCommerce apps.

Travel and Tourism

Innovate travel apps for an expanded reach and increased ROI.

Banking and Financial Sector

Develop enterprise-grade apps for enhanced productivity and efficiency.

Education and eLearning

Create future-proof eLearning apps for an immersive learning experience.


Deliver HIPAA-compliant healthcare apps aligned with industry standards.

Media and Entertainment

Gain a competitive edge with interactive and immersive media & entertainment apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

The final development cost of any project depends on various factors. For more information, please reach out to us.

Certainly. The ability to add new content is a feature we can incorporate into your OTT app.

The development time for an OTT app varies based on specific requirements. Please contact us to discuss your project details for a more accurate estimate.

There are several monetization strategies for OTT apps. We can provide guidance and implement suitable methods based on your business model. Reach out for more details.

The features to integrate depend on your specific goals and target audience. Let’s discuss your requirements to determine the ideal feature set for your OTT app.

OTT App Development services involve conceptualizing, developing, deploying, and maintaining video streaming apps that engage and delight users with a focus on quality and user-centric experiences.

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