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At Ijona Technologies, our developers are equipped with the latest tools and techniques, ensuring the delivery of cutting-edge hybrid mobile app development services. As a top cross-platform mobile app development company, we boast a resourceful pool of experienced developers proficient in crafting innovative mobile solutions for both Android and iOS. Harness the power of a single codebase for a future-proof and standout mobile experience.

Top Cross-platform Mobile App Development Services

Our developers excel in utilizing cutting-edge tools and techniques to provide forward-looking hybrid mobile app development services. As a leading cross-platform mobile app development company, we leverage the expertise of our experienced developers to deliver innovative solutions for both Android and iOS using a unified codebase.

Enterprise Mobile Application

Build powerful enterprise-grade apps with customized user interfaces and advanced functionalities to meet your business needs.

eCommerce Application

Expand your business reach and boost ROI with our cross-platform eCommerce apps, ensuring a delightful shopping experience for users.

Custom Applications

Develop tailor-made cross-platform mobile apps with advanced features and appealing UI/UX, precisely tailored to your unique business requirements.

Utility Application

Provide customers with a seamless utility services booking experience through feature-packed and high-performance apps, ensuring ease of use.

Wearable Application

Experience our expertise in delivering wearable apps with cloud and remote data monitoring capabilities, seamlessly functional across devices.

Financial Application

Partner with us for robust, feature-packed, and secure cross-platform finance apps, delivering a personalized experience for users. Trust Ijona Technologies for cutting-edge solutions that redefine mobile app experiences for your business.

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Ijona Technologies: Key Technology Expertise

Our developers stay at the forefront of technology trends, ensuring the delivery of innovative solutions across a wide range of technologies.

React Native

Backed by dedicated JavaScript developers, we specialize in delivering cutting-edge React Native apps tailored to the diverse needs of businesses.


Leverage the power of Xamarin to craft custom apps for both iOS and Android platforms, ensuring high functionality and performance.


Our skilled Ionic developers excel in building hybrid apps and Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) swiftly and cost-effectively.


Harnessing the capabilities of Flutter, we create visually appealing cross-platform apps for both mobile and web, utilizing a single codebase.

Unity 3D

Bring your ideas to life with our Unity 3D development expertise. We create beautiful, interactive, and feature-packed apps that can be deployed swiftly.

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Save Up To 70% In Cross Platform App Development Costs

Provide us with your project specifications, and we’ll deliver unparalleled return on investment for your business through our cross-platform application development services.

Why Choose Ijona Technologies for Cross App Development?

Discover top-notch cross-platform mobile app development at Ijona Technologies. Our hands-on expertise ensures innovative, performance-driven solutions. Craft interactive Hybrid Apps with us, leveraging a single code base for optimal business value. Benefit from cost savings through our agile development approach. Partner for Best-In-Class mobile solutions, featuring quick turnarounds and reduced expenses. Explore tailored engagement models for a seamless and cost-effective mobile app development journey.

70% Cost Savings

On-Time Delivery

Strict NDA Adherence

Value-Based Engagement

Agile Development

Dedicated .NET Experts

Quick Onboarding

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our Hiring Process

Bring your vision to life with dedicated cross-platform app developers from Ijona Technologies. Craft standout applications that are scalable, feature-packed, and robust. Customize your engagement with our value-based models, perfectly aligning with your business needs.

Dedicated Team Model


5 days/week


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure


Hiring Period

Minimum 1 month

Fixed Price Model


5 days/week


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure


Hiring Period


Hourly Model


Starting from US$14/Hour


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure

Hourly-block based

Hiring Period

Minimum 25 hours

Our Cross-Platform App Development Expertise: Use Cases

At Ijona Technologies, our cross-platform app development prowess is your gateway to cutting-edge solutions delivered with agility. Here’s why you should partner with us

Retail and eCommerce

Craft feature-packed, robust, and scalable apps, delivering a delightful user experience for retail and eCommerce businesses.

Travel and Tourism

Engage dedicated mobile app developers to swiftly create cross-platform travel and tourism apps.

Banking and Financial Sector

Build enterprise-grade banking and finance apps for both web and mobile, streamlining operations with a single codebase.

Education and eLearning

Innovate with knowledge-based apps and smart eLearning solutions, meeting the digital needs of the education sector.


Develop HIPAA-compliant cross-platform apps for the healthcare industry, seamlessly functional across various devices.

Media and Entertainment

Efficiently create cost-effective media and entertainment apps with our skilled cross-platform app developers in a quick turnaround time.

Frequently Asked Questions

Collaborating with a cross-platform app development company in India, like Ijona Technologies, ensures cost-effectiveness, high-quality solutions, and a diverse skill set.

Our experts at Ijona Technologies specialize in various mobile technologies, including but not limited to React Native, Xamarin, and Flutter.

While you’ll have a dedicated point of contact, we encourage open communication. Your involvement can be tailored to your preferences and project needs.

The cost varies based on project complexity. Contact us for a personalized quote and transparent cost breakdown.

Consider factors like expertise, past projects, client reviews, and communication. Ijona Technologies stands out with a proven track record and client satisfaction.

Our team provides guidance in non-technical language, ensuring you understand the process. We simplify complexities and support you throughout.

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