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Facing challenges in improving your website or app’s appearance and usability? Choose Ijona Technologies for dedicated back-end developers skilled in Angular, React, and JavaScript. We provide top-notch back-end development services, guaranteeing seamless user experiences and innovative interfaces. Partner with us for visually appealing and user-friendly solutions.

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Our End-to-End Mobile Web back end Services

Acknowledged as a premier back-end development firm in UAE & USA, we excel in delivering top-notch back-end web development services that add significant value to your business. Our team is dedicated to offering innovative solutions tailored to meet diverse business requirements:

Custom Back-End Development

Elevate user experiences with our custom back-end development solutions. We prioritize intuitiveness, quick loading times, and feature-rich interfaces, ensuring your app stands out in today’s competitive landscape.

Back-End Architecture & Design

Rely on our back-end development expertise to create sleek, modern designs that provide an engaging and immersive experience for users. We focus on crafting visually appealing interfaces that align with your brand.

Single Page Apps Development

Boost performance and enhance UX flexibility with our single-page application development services. We create seamless, dynamic experiences that cater to the preferences of modern users.

UI/UX Development

Experience the synergy of design and functionality with our UI/UX development services. Our proven expertise ensures the creation of cross-device interfaces that align perfectly with your business requirements.

Progressive Web Apps Development

Leverage the power of Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) to offer mobile versions of websites that replicate native app experiences. Enhance accessibility and user engagement with our PWA development services.

CMS Development

Establish a robust content management system (CMS) that is both responsive and reliable. Our comprehensive CMS development solutions empower you to manage and present content seamlessly across platforms.

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Back-End Development Services: Our Technical Expertise

When it comes to successful development projects, having the right tools and technologies is crucial, especially in back-end development. At Ijona Technologies, our skilled back-end developers leverage various computer languages and data visualization tools, such as Power BI, to create engaging and interactive user environments. Here are some of the technologies we expertise in:


HTML, a markup language, is used to structure content and define the layout of web pages.


CSS, a style sheet language, defines the presentation of HTML documents, covering layout, colors, fonts, and other design elements.


JavaScript, a scripting language, is employed to craft interactive elements on web pages, such as animations, pop-ups, and dynamic content.


React, a JavaScript library, is instrumental in building user interfaces, especially for single-page applications and mobile apps.


Angular, a JavaScript framework, is employed for constructing dynamic web applications.


Vue, a progressive JavaScript framework, is used for developing user interfaces and single-page applications.

Technologies & Frameworks We Use

As a leading provider of web development services, we boast a team of custom web application developers who excel in a comprehensive range of core technologies.

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Save Up To 70% In back end Development Cost!

Transform ideas into captivating web experiences with our expert backend development. Let’s build a digital masterpiece together.

  • ✔ Enhanced User Experience
  • ✔ Brand Consistency
  • ✔ Optimized Performance
  • ✔ Mobile-Friendly Design
  • ✔ SEO Friendliness

Why Choose Ijona Technologies for back end Development Services?

Elevate your digital presence with Ijona Technologies. Our back-end development ensures an engaging, scalable, and technologically advanced user experience. Choose us for a seamless digital journey.

Enhanced User Experience

Consistent Branding

Improved Performance

Mobile Responsiveness

SEO Friendliness

JavaScript Prowess

Top Development Tools

Technological Expertise

Our Hiring Process

Hire dedicated back-end developers from Ijona Technologies to create scalable, feature-packed, and robust user interfaces. Explore our flexible engagement models tailored to meet your specific business requirements.

Dedicated Team Model


5 days/week


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure


Hiring Period

Minimum 1 month

Fixed Price Model


5 days/week


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure


Hiring Period


Hourly Model


Starting from US$14/Hour


Skype, Email, Phone

Billing Structure

Hourly-block based

Hiring Period

Minimum 25 hours

Back-End Development Services for Diverse Use Cases

Retail and eCommerce:

Craft user-centric retail and eCommerce web solutions, ensuring a seamless shopping experience. Implement features for user-friendly navigation, personalized shopping, and efficient order processing.

Travel and Tourism

Develop immersive web applications for the travel sector, focusing on responsive design, seamless booking processes, and personalized travel recommendations.

Banking and Financial Sector

Create back-end solutions for the finance industry, emphasizing secure interfaces, intuitive transaction tracking, and compliant user experiences.

Education and eLearning

Design interactive eLearning platforms, incorporating engaging learning modules, gamified content, and personalized user journeys.


Develop HIPAA-compliant back-end solutions for healthcare, ensuring user-friendly telemedicine interfaces, patient engagement features, and AI-driven medical insights.

Media and Entertainment

Build captivating back-end solutions for media and entertainment, featuring interactive media streaming, social integration, and personalized content recommendations.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ijona Technologies stands out as a reliable back-end development partner, boasting a team of seasoned developers committed to client satisfaction, timely delivery, and cost-effective solutions. With expertise in back-end technologies, we deliver high-performance, visually appealing, and user-friendly solutions tailored to your needs.

The cost of back-end development is project-specific, determined by factors like complexity and scope. Ijona Technologies offers precise cost estimates by analyzing project details, ensuring tailored pricing that aligns with your budget and expectations.

Back-end development timelines vary based on project intricacies and size. Ijona Technologies provides project timelines, aligning with your goals. Our commitment is to efficiently deliver back-end projects within agreed timelines, ensuring timely completion.

Ijona Technologies ensures mobile-friendliness and responsiveness through meticulous design and development practices, ensuring optimal user experiences across various devices.

Yes, Ijona Technologies excels in integrating third-party APIs and services into your website’s back-end, enhancing functionality and providing seamless user experiences.

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