In an extremely competitive business environment which is shaped by customer prefrences and brand loyalty lifecycles have shrinked, it is imperetive for companies not only to offer better services and service levels but also to analyse the transactional information to develop new and better products and services which cater to customer needs.

Our organizational philosoply of empowering our customers’ customer interactions, just shows that we belive that customer relationship management is the key for survial of your business.We provide end to end solutions and CRM services aimed at improving your customer interaction to ensure successes at all levels.We work with you at devising a CRM strategy, implementation, upgrade, data migration and post-implementation support and maintenance.

Our CRM practice offers solutions tailored around Sugar CRM. SugarCRM, also known as Sugar, is a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system that is available in both open source and Commercial open source applications. It is widely used by numerous organizations across the globe. SugarCRM can be used by any organization owing to its flexibility to cover different needs of a variety of buiness verticals. SugarCRM is cost effective due to it being open source, and is therefore considered over other CRM systems.

Ijona Services has developed mature and best in class CRM modules, business processes and reusable tools that help you get jump start over your CRM initiatives. These assets have evolved over years of experience in various projects. They can be customized to suit specific engagement need.

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We possess within us two minds. So far I have written only of the conscious mind. I would now like to introduce you to your second mind, the hidden and mysterious subconscious. Our subconscious mind contains such power and complexity that it literally staggers the imagination.


Sugar Professional adds flexible reporting, dashboard (including charting), workflow, Outlook and Word plug-ins. Also adds a Product module and a Forecasting module.


Sugar Enterprise has Key features include Oracle 9i support, an Offline Client, advanced reporting, and the Module Loader for plug-and-play installation of third-party extensions.


Sugar CE is a good starting tool for very small businesses looking for a great product and a free intro CRM. Basic features includes Users, Roles, Lead, Accounts, Opportunities, Marketing Campaigns


Sugar Ultimate is the ultimate CRM suite for the most demanding customers, combining leading features with the most modern CRM platform architecture.



The key challenge for this industry is margin erosion due to rapid commoditization. Hence, more and more companies are focused on regaining tight control over their operations.


Instant information and a seamless experience across channels is the mantra when it comes to retail.Customers demand “Any Time, Any Place, Any Device” and personalized access.


With the domain experience gathered by us over period of time, we qualify as a preferred solution provider for the supply chain and logistics sector specializing in integrated operations, warehousing, and transportation services.


We help healthcare organizations transform, innovate, and optimize to build tomorrow’s healthcare enterprise. We recognize healthcare needs are global while solutions are local

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